Organisation History

Name: “Intermedeservice Georgia” Ltd.
Address: Tbilisi Lubliana # 60
Founding date: 15.07.2009

Company “Intermedeservice Georgia” was founded in 2009, company is focused on permanent development. Our mission is professionalism.
With the professionalism, honesty, dedication and efficiency we have been able to create a high standard of service.
Our work is based on the principles of long-term cooperation with our clients and staff.

Company “IntermedService Georgia” annually participates in various medical conventions and exhibitions in the world. It has already won five consecutive prizes in the last 5 years, in the name of the best company of the year, 4 times in radiological congress in Austria, and once in the United States, city of Chicago.

The company is highly trusted with both Georgian and foreign partners. Which has been created as a result of our long-term successful development.

The close relationship with our foreign partners trust and professionalism has led to the fact that our company is trained by the manufacturer to install training and service services in different countries of the world ‘Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.